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Creating Albums

Dr. Kenneth Cantrell, a noted psychologist said albums are a parents best weapon. It’s the most powerful tool parents have to raise healthy, happy and confident kids.

Who remembers pulling out a box or album filled with photos and enjoying the memories? You and whoever else was in the house sat on the floor, the couch or around the dining room table laughing, crying, smiling, and remembering those funny, serious and precious moments captured by photos.

Have you done it recently? Or has it been a decade or two? Technology has made it easy to take photos and share them in cyberspace, but enjoying them, laughing, and crying over them means getting your photos into albums.

A, It’s very easy and B, it’s not stressful.

Assuming you could blink your eyes and have an album appear on your coffee table, what would you want in that album? An Album about your family, a heritage album? Create an album for a friends retirement, going away party or just because?

Go Digital with Forever Software

Historian Software

Let Historian with it’s patented ‘Vault’ technology, help you organize, preserve, edit and share your treasured digital photos and the stories that make them so precious.

Artisan Software

Artisan lets you design the way you want to.  Create your own decorative content and save it to re-use in the software. Or use pre-designed elements and pages available on the Forever Website.  Artisan contains all the digital embellishments of traditional scrapbooking — tags, stickers, word art, eyelets — along with the same ability as your tools: different scissor cuts,  framing features, and corner cutting.

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