Photo Zen by Kelly


Hi I’m Kelly,

If someone were to ask me “what brings you joy?” my first response would be “spending time with my loved ones and reliving those memories through photographs and videos”.

It’s important to be able to easily view and share your memories and to have peace of mind in knowing that your memories are safe from deterioration and/or accidental deletion or loss, protected and preserved for future generations.

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Here are some ideas for you to consider in your quest for photo zen.


Family Legacy is a great way to digitize VHS home movies, reels, negatives, slides and photos. Your memories are professionally scanned and quickly returned on a beautifully packaged DVD along with digital files stored in the cloud that can be viewed, clipped and shared on any device. You can take a clip from one of your home movies and post it on Facebook, view it on your phone, email or text it to family or friends. Please click on the Family Legacy link for a menu of services and pricing. I will securely package your media for you, ship it to Legacy and in a short time you will have digital memories to enjoy and share.

Forever Services provides simple and secure photo scanning, digitization and media conversion. Send in photos, slides, photo albums, videos, audio tapes – anything! Forever will store them online for you to enjoy and share. Choose from one of three media conversion packages that include all shipping, transfer and conversion costs.

The Flip Pal Portable Scanner is a portable scanner about the size of an iPad. You can scan photos while sitting on your couch watching TV or you can take it with you to family reunions or other events to scan photos. Larger images can be scanned in sections and the Flip Pal software will stitch the sections together into a high quality final image. I love my Flip Pal! I’ve found it to be easy to use and the scans are of high quality.


Share and organize all your media files and family memories on your desktop with Forever Historian software. Use Historian to organize, edit and preserve your treasured digital photos, video clips and audio files.


“Never lose a photo, never miss a moment”.  Share, store and print your family photos for generations with Forever Guaranteed Storage. Forever guarantees that your important memories will be preserved, protected and available for your lifetime, plus generations beyond. Unlike any other company Forever has set up a unique plan to genuinely protect your precious memories through good times and bad.


Share and enjoy your photos by creating beautiful memory books, calendars, mugs and more with Forever Artisan scrapbooking software.

Please feel free to contact me below with any questions or for assistance with managing your memories!

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