summer Air Shows – Dayton and Seattle, July 2018

Blog 8 July 2018 Summer air shows – Dayton and Seattle Written on the flight from Doha to Malta. After our program in Barbados we flew the plane back to Indianapolis.  We parked at the FedEx hangar and had great support from the FedEx AMTs. Orbis has a warehouse in Indianapolis where we store medical […]

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Memphis to Barbados May 11, 2018

Memphis to Barbados May 11, 2018 Such a beautiful day to fly, we left Memphis this morning at 9 am, our flight is about 4 ½ hours.  Our crew is Steve Dee, Gordon Platt and Flash Flood. They each brought their wives, Gloria, Barbara and Ann. As we fly over the Caribbean we can see […]

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Trujillo, Peru 2018

Trujillo, Peru We had a photographer from Getty Images visit the plane in Trujillo, Peru. He took some amazing photos and here are 2 stories about what he saw. Click on the links below. Some of the images are pretty graphic. This was shared from our communications team. Good news! Another nice article and photos […]

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West Palm Beach to Trujillo, Peru

West Palm Beach, Florida and Trujillo, Peru Written on Orbis 1 on the flight from Memphis to Barbados, May 11, 2018. Last month we were in Trujillo, Peru for a 3-week program. March/April 20018. We started our journey in West Palm Beach, Florida. We had some tours, fundraising events and our Annual training.  West Palm […]

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Doha to Vietnam

After a few weeks off, I head back to Doha, Qatar to pick up the plane for our Vietnam program. We spend a few days getting the plane ready and the rest of the team is restocking all the medical supplies. Turns out we can’t import any of our aircraft parts and supplies, so we […]

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Ireland, England and Qatar

A quick trip back home and then back to Clark again to continue the journey. This time to Ireland, England and Qatar for Good Will tours. It was this leg that brought me around the world. San Francisco, Clark, Philippines; Bangkok, Thailand; Dubai, UAE, Dublin Ireland; Stansted, England; Doha, Qatar; Dallas, San Francisco. On February […]

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Philippines to Singapore

As I continue my journey around the world, I have literally flown all the way around the world going West and East! In November 2016, I took off from San Francisco and went back to the Philippines to pick up the plane. Our medical program in Indonesia was canceled. The reasons are not always clear, […]

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Choose a Job You Love….

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius As many of you know, I have started to travel again. It all started in May 2016. I retired from FedEx after 31 years in Aircraft Maintenance and started with Orbis International the same month.  Orbis was […]

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