Doha to Vietnam

After a few weeks off, I head back to Doha, Qatar to pick up the plane for our Vietnam program.

We spend a few days getting the plane ready and the rest of the team is restocking all the medical supplies. Turns out we can’t import any of our aircraft parts and supplies, so we modify our flight plan and stop in Dubai (DBX) to pick up our aircraft parts. FedEx is there to help, they have all our parts ready and after putting on some fuel, we are ready to fly to Can Tho, Vietnam. It’s a 6 ½ flight, May 4, 2017.

Can Tho, Vietnam, May 2017

We spent 2 weeks in Can Tho and here is the program brochure.

Orbis has an office in Hanoi and they have come to Can Tho to help us out. First we are greeted at the airport with flowers and a warm welcome.

I took a boat ride on the Mekong Delta. There was so much life on the river, floating markets, fishing and ferry boats.

Binh Dinh, Vietnam

We flew from Can Tho to Binh Dinh and did two more weeks of program. We were at Phu Cat airport, which was built by the Americans during the Vietnam War.

Xuan was our translator at both programs. Before Orbis came she knew nothing about airplanes, airports or hospitals. Her company volunteered translators and she signed up. She was so brave and very helpful. We took her with us to Binh Dinh. This was her first ride on an airplane and she was so excited.

Our hotel was about an hour form the airport. We drove through beautiful rice fields and ruins of ancient civilizations.

Our hotel was right on the beach. It was so hot the beach was empty during the day. The locals would go to the beach about 5 in the morning and around 7 at night.


After Bin Dinh we flew to Singapore for another maintenance check. This time it was at Chengi Airport by ST Aerospace. I had hurt my knee and went home to have some minor surgery.

I flew from Singapore to Narita, spent the night and then to SFO. I was able to see my friend Nozomi, who works for FedEx Aircraft Maintenance. We visited and wandered around Narita Village, eating noodles and visiting the Temple. I visited the Narita Temple many times with my parents.