Memphis to Barbados May 11, 2018

Memphis to Barbados

May 11, 2018

Such a beautiful day to fly, we left Memphis this morning at 9 am, our flight is about 4 ½ hours.  Our crew is Steve Dee, Gordon Platt and Flash Flood. They each brought their wives, Gloria, Barbara and Ann. As we fly over the Caribbean we can see many islands, and beautiful blue Caribbean oceans.

The program in Barbados was 2 weeks. We stayed on the beach at the Hilton resort. The view from my room was beautiful facing the Atlantic Ocean. The white sand was soft and the sound of the ocean comforting and the water was so warm. It was just beautiful.

The first weekend we were there I went on a glass bottom boat in Carlisle Bay with Barbara and Gordon. We saw lots of fish, turtles and a shipwreck. I had drinks and dinner with the crew, and we had such a great time. Lots of laughter. Drinks at the Barbados Yacht, dinner at the local restaurants. Sunday was Mother’s Day and May 8th my mom’s birthday. I was thinking of her a lot while I was in Barbados. She would have loved it.

The first week of the program was Simulation training.  Our doctor and nurses used the airplane for training the local doctors the procedures they would use during the next weeks surgeries. We have some high-tech simulators and the training is very realistic for the doctors. The participant doctors came from the neighboring islands and represented 7 countries. Together with the FEH staff we were from 21 countries.   Barbados, Haiti, Jamaica, Guyana, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Trinidad, Mexico, USA, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Canada, UK, Colombia, Chile, Colombia, Italy, Australia, China, Peru, South Africa, Pakistan, Philippines, Myanmar, Ireland, and Spain.

On Saturday, May 19th, We took a tour of the island. We went to Harrison Cave, Hunte’s Garden, an Orchid garden and had High Tea at the Sandy Lane Resort. It was a great day.

Harrison’s cave was discovered in the 1970s. We took a tram and drove down into the cave, it was beautiful.

Hunte’s Garden was a beautiful place. Lot of variety of flowers, trees and trails to walk through the gardens.  There were many Anthuriums that reminded me of my parents. Growing up, my dad would send my mom Anthuriums every time he went to Hawaii on a trip. 

The next stop was lunch at the Atlantis Hotel on the East Coast of the island. It was recommended by our driver, and a quaint old hotel away from the tourist’s areas. I had fresh Mahi and it was beautiful to sit above the ocean and watch the waves. After lunch we continued along the East Coast, there were some unique rock formations in the that had been formed by the waves. You could see remnants of an old railroad that was used to bring the sugar cane to the harbor.

After lunch we walked through the Orchid Garden. So many varieties of orchids. I took lots of photos.

We then went to Sandy Lane, one of the most exclusive resorts on the Island.  We have reservations for High Tea.  We sat on the veranda and you could see the white sand beach and the sunset was amazing. It was so beautiful.

Sunday, one of the local nurses took Xiao Ying, Elisa and I around the island. Her son was our driver and we got to see the local side of things. We stopped and drank fresh coconut water on the side of the road. Went to the most northern point and had a lovey lunch. Her son, Pierre was a car mechanic and was interested in the airplane.

The next week was for surgeries on the plane and in the local hospital. The specialties were cataract, Strabismus, Glaucoma and Medical Retina. Our staff ophthalmologist was Dr. Maria Jose Montero Romero.  One of the patients was named Patrick and he was an aircraft mechanic. He was retired but he was so happy to be on the plane. I visited with him in the cockpit for a little while, he used to work on the DE Havilland airplanes. After his operation, I got to walk him down the stairs.

On Thursday, Captain Curtis Wilson called and said he missed his flight, but his daughters would be in later that day. I met his daughters at the hotel as they were checking in. They are twins, Lexi and Emily. 23 years old and very cute. I think it’s great when the pilots family can see the plane and see what their parents do.

Flying home to the US today, on May 29th, I am remembering my brother John today, 23 years since he passed.  Just flew over the East Coast of the US on our way to Indianapolis.

Our flight is awesome today, just 6 of us on the plane, good catering and smooth skies.

Time to make some lunch.