summer Air Shows – Dayton and Seattle, July 2018

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July 2018

Summer air shows – Dayton and Seattle

Written on the flight from Doha to Malta.

After our program in Barbados we flew the plane back to Indianapolis.  We parked at the FedEx hangar and had great support from the FedEx AMTs.

Orbis has a warehouse in Indianapolis where we store medical supplies and aircraft parts.  It is called BOSMA and they employ blind people. They also provide training to the blind on how to live independently. Lynda Smallwood is the lady that handles the Orbis supplies. She’s so nice and very helpful to us. We needed to see what we had stored there. We went through many boxes and got rid of a lot of old parts that were used on the DC10 and not needed for the MD10.

We went home for a couple of weeks and returned in July to do our maintenance check. After the check we flew to Dayton, Ohio, for the Vectron Air Show.  We had many volunteers to help with the show. We had the airplane set up as a hospital and visitors were able to walk through and have a look. We had over 8000 people go through the plane in 2 days. We had a tent set up at the rear of plane and as people exited the plane, they stopped and had their photo taken with a green screen… and it looked like they were standing by the #2 engine on the tail.  We collected email address and sent many photos out.

The highlight of the show was when some of the Blue Angels came to take a tour. One was the announcer and one was the medical doctor. They were very impressed with our plane and invited our team to have a photo with them after the airshow.

Dayton was a fun town to visit. I went to the Air Force museum Wright Patterson AFB. So many cool planes and so much history for aviation. I went to see where the Wright Brothers flew and developed the first airplanes.

Seattle – Boeing Seafair Air Show

We flew from Dayton to Seattle to attend the Boeing Seafair at Boeing Field. We were parked in front of the Museum of Flight and set the plane up for tours.  Peter Allen is one of the Orbis Board members and an aviation enthusiast. Peter flew with us from Dayton to Seattle. He had a check that was written by the Wright Brothers to their sister, Katherine, it was a check for payment on her investment and was most likely written in Dayton. 

We had a great time in Seattle and the Museum of Flight is amazing. We need lots of volunteers to help with the airshows. In Seattle my cousin Joey, sister-n-law Jane, and nephew Miles came to see the plane and help out. i was also able to meet up with an old college friends who now live in Seattle. It was so fun to see Christie and Judy and catch up on our lives.